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    Mercredi 21 Décembre 2011 à 16:47

    Dommage que ce soient des hommes et des femmes préoccupés par leur petite personne qui la représente !


    Mercredi 28 Décembre 2011 à 04:17

    My Brief Understanding to The Red and the Black Stendhal's masterpiece The Red and the Black, is an excellent work in describing the character's internal world. This production is a landscape of French society in 19 century, which fully reflects the wholesale spiritual visage and the psychology of different people from different levels, such as nobility no wholesale products matter in province or capital, church, bourgeois or the destitute.1 The author uses his adept ploy of depicting mentality, which richly exhibits character's interior's world. According to china wholesale author's depiction of Ju lien's inner activity in the struggle of qualm and contradiction and the analysis of his exchange of emotion and mind, we can see that Ju lien is a person with contrary cell phones character. He is a person with pride, self-love, braveness, honesty and inferiority, timidity and hypocrisy. On the one hand, he is filled with passion; on the other hand, he looks so calm. Sometimes he is independent, while sometimes GPS phone he is yielding and obedient. 2 Ju lien is a figure with rich character. This paper focuses on the three reasons of Ju lien's tragic fate: different environments, his personality Sporting Goods and his suffering of love, moreover, give us a picture to reflect the real society in French restoration dynasty. Here, want to say some biographical introduction about Stendhal. Marie-Henri Beyle, better known Sporting Goods Online by his pen name Stendhal, was a 19th-century French writer. Known for his acute analysis High Heel Shoes of his characters' psychology, he was considered one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism in his two novels Le Rouge et le Noir (The Red and the Black, 1830) and La Chartreuse de Parme (The Charterhouse of Parma, 1839).Born in Grenoble, Isère, he had an unhappy fashion jewelry childhood in what he found to be stifling provincial France, disliking his "unimaginative" father and mourning his mother, who had died when he was young. His closest friend was wedding dresses his younger sister, Pauline, with whom he maintained a steady correspondence throughout the first decade of the 19th century. The military and theatrical worlds of the First French Empire discount wedding dresses were a revelation to Beyle. He was named an auditor with the Conseil d'état on August 3, 1810, and thereafter took part in the French administration and in the Napoleonic wars. He traveled extensively in Germany and was part of Napoleon's army cheap wedding dresses in the 1812 invasion of Russia.Stendhal suffered miserable physical disabilities in his final years as he continued to simple wedding dresses produce some of his best work. Stendhal died on March 22, 1842, a few hours after collapsing with a seizure on the short wedding dresses streets of Paris. He was interred in the Cimetière de Montmartre.Let's look at the criticism and Main Idea of The Red and the Black. The Red and ball gown the Black is the first important masterpiece of realism of France in 19th century. It has a far-reaching effect on European literature. Its publication in 18th century celebrity dresses establishes Stendhal's grand position in both French and world's literary history.The Red and the Black mainly narrates Ju lien's life. Ju lien is the son of a carpenter in a whistle stop. Ju lien, a young, handsome, strong-minded, intelligent and capable youngster, wants to enter into the holiday dresses rank and fashion through his endeavor. After dynastic restoration, his successful military road is blocked; therefore, he has no choice but to wear quinceanera dresses on black churchy cloth to enter into the upper class. The first step of entering into the upper class is that acting as a tutor in mayor's home. In order to retaliate the mayor and test his braveness about his adventuresome mind, Ju lien has an ambiguous relationship cocktail dresses with mayoress. When mayor makes a disclosure of their relationship, Ju lien is sent to a divinity school. Later he comes into Paris with president and acts as a secretary of marquis. Due to his cleverness and personality, he wins recognition from marquis and marquis' daughter's heart. Ju lien bridesmaids dresses and marquis' daughter get married secretly. Although the marquis is very angry, he has no choice but to accept the fact, and consequently Ju lien gains knight title, the military rank of lieutenant and a manor with the income of 20,600 franc per year. However, the good times evening dresses don't last long. When he is in the pride of his heart, he sinks into the trap designed by nobility and church. Eventually, he is sent to porm dresses guillotine and becomes the victim of gerentocratic's conspiracy.

    Mercredi 28 Décembre 2011 à 04:56

    Ju lien's Suffering of Love During Ju lien's brief life, he has affection experience with two noble ladies. The mayor's wife, nearly perfect, is born in nobility without ill temper belongs to nobility. She has infinite Wedding Fashion sympathy and abides by the morality as a female without levity. She confesses deeply and punishes herself. At beginning, although she sits down under everything, later she goes to visit Ju lien in Wedding Dress prison ignoring other people's slander. At last, she decides that she would rather stay with Ju lien even loses her family or husband. The marquis's daughter reflects fantastic gloss with Bridal Dresses particular personality. She is filled with passion, superiority, and open-mind. The core of her personality is individualism which becomes the reason that makes her love goes into extremeness. For the Wedding Shoes purpose of staying with Ju lien, she dares to oppose her father, act as the "understrapper's lover', and even kiss Ju lien's head when he is dead.However, although Ju lien achieves the two noble ladies' adoration, he Wedding Shoes doesn't cherish their love. Before, Ju lien says to mayoress: "when we takes a walk in the forest of Walge, how happy should I, but a kind Wedding Party Dresses of intense ambition brings me into a shadowy world; in order to establish huge wealth, I have to carry through countless fight¡­¡­.'8 From the script of The Red and the Black, we can see that Ju lien's love burdens too many retaliation, abreaction, discontent and battle. All of these burdens wedding gown plus size shouldn't connect with love. Besides, these burdens make him can't appreciate love's savor at leisure and truly. He doesn't understand the truth of love until when he faces the death in prison. What's more, Ju lien's status of the lower class decides that he has cheap wedding dresses no right to own this kind of love. His love makes mayor, marquis and rival of love feels disgrace, envy and enmity. Consequently, when he is ready to do wedding items everything proudly, the nobility and the reactive church are colluding in tempting the mayor's wife to write a letter to expose Ju lien's crime. Ju lien's dream is dashed to the ground by all of these things they have done. To a certain extent, love becomes the accelerator of Ju lien's perdition.The feeling of inferiority dues to humble plus size wedding dresses origin, and the main activities beyond low self-esteem are the two aspect of potential level of psychological of Ju lien. Both of them co-exist and rub one duped, which Wedding Dresses Online constitutes the complexity and versatility of Ju lien's character. The dark social environment makes him to maintain himself strongly, besides his unusual self-esteem comes from unavoidable self-esteem of his heart. He is reconciled to obey the tread of times dominated by family status Wedding dresses for sale and money, so he uses any possible means to fight against the environment around. Ju lien shows his self-worth and refines his personality Wedding headpieces and velis during the process of surpassing inferiority.We all know that an age can create many heroes, while a great deal of tragic heroes can also be created. Ju lien is on of them. For the sake of living a better life on the world, people have to struggle hard by Dresses for special occasions themselves. In order to cast off poverty and the low social status and realize his dream of being a hero, he has to act vigorously in his short life. For the purpose of achieving all his aims, he has to use all the means even unmoral. He has to pack himself tightly and fights against the Cheap wedding party dresses society. If he is unwilling to pretend or he can't pretend, he has no choice but to die. Stendhal says: "he is an unlucky person who fights against the whole society.'9 However, the different environments, his personality and his suffering of love become the localization Wedding veils of his success. These entire let him can't exceed ultimately or choose a road really fits for him, but makes his life ended with tragedy hastily. My purpose is not only Wedding gloves to let you know what causes his tragedy or whether he is real indeed it, but to let you through the inner experience of Ju lien to understand many Wedding petticoats acute social problem of French Restoration Dynasty and to see the petty bourgeoisie's fate of youth in the era of Wedding wraps French Restoration Dynasty through Ju lien's pursuit, struggle and failure.

    Vendredi 30 Décembre 2011 à 13:03

    un petit bonjour, pour te souhaiter une bonne année, avec la santé et la réalisation de tes souhaits !


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